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The Children’s Treatment Centre opened its doors in June, 1996. Since then, it has provided treatment to over 2018 children. Our clients come from throughout Cornwall and the United Counties as well as Akwesasne. These children have experienced a number of adverse events including physical, emotional and sexual abuse.
The Centre provides ongoing treatment to children who attend the Centre. There is no waiting period and each child is assessed immediately following disclosure and verification of abuse. Our clients are referred from the Children’s Aid Society as well as from 31 additional agencies including law enforcement, the education sector and other children’s health organizations.  

Breakdown between the total number of children and parents who have been into the Children's Treatment Centre:

Total No. of Children2018
Total No. of Parents1727

Breakdown between male and female children who have been into the Children's Treatment Centre:

No. of Male Children958 (47%)
No. of Female Children1060(53%)


After three years in operation, Dr. Geoff Langford, then a psychologist with the Upper Canada District School Board, conducted an anonymous survey of the Centre's clients to determine what changes were needed to improve service. Surprisingly, there were absolutely no suggestions for change; only positive comments on all aspects of the Centre. The staff earned high praise for their work.
Typically, young clients said they felt "nervous and scared" on their first visits to the Centre, but that changed after only a few visits to "comfortable, good, better, helped and not scared." Parents, too, were pleased with how well the counsellors understood their concerns.
In summation, Dr. Langford felt it was clear from the feedback that the Children's Treatment Centre has established a "safe, nurturing and family atmosphere."
"All children reported receiving some degree of help and 80% reported being helped a lot or quite a lot. This must be considered an excellent success rate when the serious nature of some of their problems is taken into consideration."

Dr. Geoff Langford
Registered Psychologist

A 2010 Consumer Survey carried out by Dr. Geoff Langford with the consultation of Dr. Richard Blair, an Ottawa-based psychologist, found a high level of client satisfaction with the services provided by the Children’s Treatment Centre. The overall level of satisfaction with the assessment and counseling services provided by the Children’s Treatment Centre was 83% for children and adolescents who received counseling at the C.T.C., and 90% for the children’s and adolescent’s parents. The rating for service quality was 85% for children and adolescent clients, and 88% for their parents. The average length of treatment for children and adolescents attending the C.T.C. was 8.2 counseling sessions.