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The Children's Treatment Centre hosts a number of annual fundraisers as part of its ongoing efforts to remain community-funded. Be one of the many volunteers who make these events successful, or just join in on the fun!

Celebrity Walk/Breakfast

Each Fall, the City of Cornwall, the United Counties of Stormont, Dundas and Glengarry and the community of Akwesasne celebrate a significant community event. Well over 1000 caring citizens are transformed into Celebrities and attend the Annual Celebrity Walk and Breakfast. Their purpose? To show their support for the abused children served by the Children’s Treatment Centre.
The Centre exists to provide treatment and support to children who have suffered the trauma of abuse – sexual, physical or emotional – in our community. It has become a focal point for healing to well over a thousand of the region’s most vulnerable: our children. The Centre is unique. Contrary to many other agencies across Ontario that rely on government funding to deliver programs, the Children’s Treatment Centre is funded solely by the community it serves -- funded by the generosity of benefactors like you.
The Celebrity Walk and Breakfast has become an integral part of our community’s commitment to abused children. The event brings together hundreds of concerned supporters to celebrate success, to listen to a special Guest Speaker and to congratulate the Celebrities who made this campaign a success for the children. The Celebrity Walk and Breakfast is the largest fundraiser and was started by the Standard-Freeholder in 1997. The Principal Sponsor is the Standard-Freeholder and the Co-Sponsors are Desjardins Caisse populaire de Cornwall, Desjardins Business Centre, MacEwen Petroleum, TVCOGECO, Roy Studio and the Cornwall City Press.
You may pledge a personal donation (tax deductible) of $100.00 or you may obtain pledges from your professional colleagues, friends and neighbours to make up your $100.00 pledge to become a "Celebrity".
As a "Celebrity", your photo will appear twice in the Standard-Freeholder, as well as being shown on TVCOGECO in colour.
You will also become part of the Celebrity Walk and Breakfast event.
BECOME A CELEBRITY AND JOIN WITH FRIENDS, FAMILY MEMBERS AND CO-WORKERS on behalf of abused children by contacting the Children’s Treatment Centre at 613-933-4400.

Previous Guest Speakers:

- Marilyn Van Derbur, Professional Speaker and a former Miss America (2010)
- Ms. Ellen Campbell, Founder and Executive Director of the Canadian Centre for Abuse Awareness (2009)
- Mr. Serge LeClerc, M.L.A., Saskatchewan (2008)
- Mr. Glenn Allan, Promise Keepers Canada (2007)
- Mr. and Mrs. Gary & Sharon Rosenfeldt, Victims Against Violence (2006)
- Rev. Dale Lang (2005)
- Hon. Senator Frank Mahovlich (2004)
- Hon. John Crosbie, P.C. former Federal Cabinet Minister,
     now the Lt. Governor of Newfoundland and Labrador (2003)
- Hon. Bob Rae, former Premier of Ontario (2002)
- Senator Landon Pearson (2001)
- Senator Shannon Carstairs (2000)